Premium Band Sites

Premium Band Sites presented a unique challenge. I had a bunch of sites that I looked after for some musicians and bands that are friends of mine and the idea occurred to me to build a single backend system that could host all of their sites without any of thew normal maintenance hassles.

As it turns out WordPress can be used in what’s known as a ‘Multisite” configuration. The sites all share a common back end which we’ve tailored specifically to suit bands and musicians perfectly. We’ve added image and video galleries, automated gig guides, the ability to sell their music and much more, all while keeping it simple to use. We’ve also taken away all the core update and backup worries by doing it for them.

While the back end is common to all sites, the front ends are completely customisable to allow each band or musician to express their own unique style. While it’s early days yet, it’s working very well and we’re adding new sites to it regularly.

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