New website for music shop R&B Music

Website for Wollondilly music shop RnB Music Tahmoor on Wordpress

We’ve just built a brand new website for music shop R&B Music which is a family owned business located on the edge of the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Where we started.

The original site was a simple collection of static HTML pages. It had a few details on lessons and some basic contact information but no products. It was difficult to update and had no means of collecting traffic stats.

The brief.

The new site had to do a number of different jobs in order to be a success. First up they needed a site that people would come back to time and time again. Next up they needed to be able to collect the visitors email address & add them to a mailing list. They were very keen to promote their lessons and last but not least, they wanted to be able to easily promote their current specials.

Building a website for a music shop.

We have completely re-written the site using WordPress as a base so that it can be easily updated on a regular basis and moved it to our Premium Web Hosting. It also now features a simple catalogue of items that are on special. The other major improvement is the addition of a blog with articles that are helpful to the shops customers such as their music students. This keeps the sites readers engaged and gives them a good reason the visit the site often as there are now regular content updates.

The site now is able to collect accurate statistics so they can tell how much traffic they are getting, where it is coming from and what they are looking at. This is helping us to build an accurate customer profile.

The next phase is the implementation of an email marketing campaign targeting both music students and general customers. Segmenting the mailing lists allows us to send out email campaigns that are genuinely interesting to the reader. For example, we can send out new guitar specials to only the guitar students & drum specials to drum students etc. this type of targeting ensures money & time is not wasted on campaigns that the reader doesn’t want.

What Bob & Robyn had to say.

bob-n-rob_round“The time it takes to have a web presence was our greatest battle. We would start all gung-ho and spend hours putting info into programs and uploading, when we should have been using the time in our business. We’d lose the enthusiasm, get frustrated, make mistakes, give up and dump the lot.
We have known Mark and his programming prowess for over twenty years, and we love Helen to bits, (she’s the smart one) but this time they have an unbeatable idea, remove US from the equation, and do the work themselves. Brilliant! We don’t have to program, We don’t have to post, We don’t have to get bogged down in hours of computer work and finish up with a B grade web site. We get a fantastic web site, a huge online presence and all the benefits. That’s all the benefits and Gibbo & Helen do all the work, all we do is reap the rewards, Magic!
Checkout it just works!”
Robyn & Bob R&B Music.


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