Have you met Edgar? He’s a whiz with social media.


Have you met Edgar? A few months ago I started hearing all this buzz about some guy called Edgar. It seems he was a bit of a whiz at social media. I recently became acquainted with Edgar first hand and it turns out that reputation was quite deserved, he’s a whiz indeed! I’ve only known him for just over a month but in that time he’s helped me to completely revise the way I do social media updates. Edgar is someone you need to meet too, here’s why.

First up who, or what, is Edgar exactly?

Edgar is a software service that helps you to schedule social media updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Big deal you say, there’s lot’s of scheduling apps for that and you’d be right. I’ve tried quite a few but they can end up being more work than they are worth. You still need to manually enter your updates and sure, you can schedule them to be published later, but that’s still a big bunch of work to do each week or month. I wanted something that could save me time as well as getting the updates out at a predetermined time. This is where Edgar is different.

With Edgar you still have to enter in your updates to be scheduled, but they go into a database which allows you to use them more than once. This is sheer brilliance on a number of fronts. First there’s the obvious point that updates can be entered once then used many times. Secondly, most of your facebook & twitter followers don’t see your updates at the time you post them. In fact, unless you pay for advertising, hardly any of your followers will see your stuff unless they are online at the time you post it and that’s just too hit and miss. Scheduling updates to appear multiple times means there is a much bigger chance of them being seen without having to “boost” them by paying. Here’s the figures on exactly how many (or few) of your followers get to see your stuff:

  • Posts made by Facebook pages reach only about 6% of their followers. (Time, data from February 2014)
  • Only 46% of Twitter users visit the site daily – and only 29% visit multiple times per day. (Pew)
  • The half-life for a tweet is only about 24 minutes. For a Facebook post, 90 minutes. (Wisemetrics)
    Source meetedgar.com/press/

What can yo do with Edgar?

Using Edgar I’ve been able to go back to the oldest posts on my blog AustralianMusicHistory.com, which are around eight years old, and start to promote them again. Most of these posts were written before I even had social media accounts like facebook & twitter so I can guarantee most of my followers had never seen it. As I enter each post in I can schedule it to appear as a new update every few months. That way my older posts are being seen and my posting has gone from once per day to three times per day without a great deal of effort. I no longer have to scratch around for something to post about, Edgar just does it for me! It’s also been a good experience to go back through those older posts and tidy them up a bit. My proof reading wasn’t so good way back then & a few typo’s and grammar mistakes were fixed.

All in all Edgar has been such an incredible time saver that I’m now using it for updating client’s social media pages too. Again, you just enter a few posts in each week, make a publishing schedule, then let Edgar do his thing. It’s a little early to give you exact results from this experiment but already I’m seeing substantial traffic increases on my own blog which is really encouraging, plus I have brand new readers for my old content. Winner!

Next time you are scratching around for something to update your facebook & twitter pages with, remember there’s gold in your old content and Edgar is only too happy to help you promote it. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Amanda TeamEdgar on September 22, 2015 at 2:57 am

    Edgar says thanks so much for the kind words, Mark! So what are you doing with all that extra time that Edgar is saving you??

  2. Mark Gibson on September 22, 2015 at 3:13 am

    Thanks for dropping in Amanda. Any time saved using Edgar is used to write more content, both for myself and my customers. it’s a great tool. thanks so much. 🙂

  3. Gin on September 22, 2015 at 4:35 am

    Great Article Mark. We use Edgar too and love the flexibility of it.

    You can take a holiday or have a busy week and still be posting.

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