Custom built website for ebearShow.com using Ruby On Rails

eBearShow.com is an online Bear, Doll and Critter show featuring some of the most talented artists in their field from all around the World. The site is a custom built automated web app. This allows the site to automatically change into different modes before, during and after each show without any intervention from the owner. It is also specifically designed to allow the show participants to add their show & sale items easily without having to be particularly “web savvy”. It was launched in 2013 and is growing with every show.┬áThe site is also integrated with Paypal so that sold items are automatically removed from the sale with no effort on the part of the stallholder.

While the handmade Bear, Doll and Critter market is a very small niche, we have been able to help them build a solid marketplace using highly targeted email and facebook marketing. The targeting allows the owner to only spend money on advertising to people who show an interest in the subject as opposed to just throwing money away on ads that don’t work.

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