Archie’s @ North Beach

Archies @ North Beach

Archie’s @ North Beach is our first restaurant site and has been a really exciting project. The owner of the business took it over from the previous owners in a very short time frame so we had to get this one out fast. To do this we kept it very simple and made the food, and the restaurant’s unique location, very much front and centre.

It became apparent through looking at the site stats that mobile and tablet users were the large majority of visitors so we’ve gone to great lengths to make the site completely responsive to all device sizes. This also means we had to ditch the traditional pdf menu that so many restaurant sites still use. They are simply too hard to read on small devices.

We’ve also been heavily involved in promoting the site and the business via a facebook page and some highly targetted advertising which is showing incredibly good results. To top it all of we have added a mailing list capture form which is also working very well. Sometimes everything falls into place and just works like it should. This has been one of those projects and we wish Chef Amy all the best with her new venture.

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