Be honest, are you happy with the results you are getting from your online marketing and website?

If your online marketing efforts are already getting the results you want then don’t bother reading any further.

If you’re not happy though, read on to find out how you can get us to work on your online marketing for the next three months for free.
Yep, free.

The sad truth is that too many people put up a web page and maybe even an email list to support their business but simply don’t know how to turn that into something that makes money for them. These days that’s just not good enough. Your website needs to be more than just a brochure, it needs to make you money. Your email list needs to be more than just a news service, it needs to make you money. If these things are not working for you you can stick your fingers in your ears or you can choose to get serious. If that’s you, I feel your frustration and I can help.

A little bit of a story.

If I’ve sent you to this page then you already know a little bit about me but I need to give you a little background into how we got to be here together on this page. I’ve been building websites since the late 1990’s and in “internet years”, that’s a lifetime. My first serious website was for a piece of software that I’d written so my interest wasn’t just in building websites, but in building websites to sell a product and make money. Long before there were simple tools to do online marketing I was stitching together static web pages with some mailing list software and a simple ecommerce system to allow me to sell my software. It was rough, but it worked. The feeling I got every time an email came in to tell me someone I’d never met had sent me money for my software was unbelievable. Sales weren’t huge as it was a pretty specialised piece of software for a very small market, but I’d managed to automate it to the point where I wasn’t putting all that much work into it and I was actually making money!

As it happens, once your friends and family find out you can make websites you start to get a few requests for help. Nothing extravagant, but over the years I turned out websites for friends bands, friends shops, some small businesses, some local community & sporting organisations and finally, a couple more sites for myself. Over a period of time I ended up turning out well over fifty different sites of all shapes and sizes.

Some of these sites did very well but the honest truth is that most didn’t. For some people this wasn’t a problem but for others who were wanting to use a site to promote their business this wasn’t so good. The reality was though that it simply wasn’t my problem. The person had asked me to build them a site and I’d done that and handed it over. What they did with it from there was their own problem now. After all, I’d not even charged most of these people for their site, I’d just done it because it was a bit of fun. If it did well then it did well. If not… well you get the idea.

Eventually though, I became quite frustrated that some of these sites were not reaching their potential. After a while I began a process of looking to see if I could figure out why some of these sites flourished & why some died and some patterns began to emerge.

The sites that didn’t do well had some common attributes:

  • They were on cheap, slow hosting packages. If a site isn’t really important to you it’s tempting to just put it on a budget hosting package simply to save money. The problem is that these cheap hosting packages shove your site, and a million others, all on to one overloaded server. If your site, or any of the ones you share the server with, gets a burst of traffic it can bring the whole thing down. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you about the time my site got featured on StumbleUpon and received a massive burst of traffic one day. Massive traffic is a good thing right? Sure, right up until the point the whole server chokes on the traffic and has a complete melt down. On the very day I should have been enjoying a massive burst of free promotion, my site spent most of the day giving “site unavailable” errors because it couldn’t handle the load. Terrific!
  • The next thing I noticed was that these sites doing poorly were not being updated regularly. Neither the software running the site nor the actual content on the site was up to date. This leads to two different, but dramatic problems.
    • The first problem with a stale site is one of security. If you don’t keep things up to date then you are at risk of being hacked. Again, it’s happened to me. I made a site for a friends band and handed it over to him to maintain. Sadly he passed away some time later and the decision was made to leave the site up as a tribute to him & his musical career. Right about the time he passed I was sent an email to say that the site had disappeared. I checked and sure enough it had been shut down by the hosting company. When I checked as to why they informed that that the site had old software versions on it that could be exploited by hackers who had done exactly that. They hacked the site, set up their own account and proceeded to use this site to send out thousands of spam emails every day. No wonder the host shut it down. Now it turned out to be something fairly easy to fix. Between myself and the host’s support staff we got rid of the spammers, updated the software and the hosting company reinstated the account. It ended well but it caused major grief at the time.
    • The second problem with a stale site is when the content never gets updated. Readers stop coming back, search engines stop coming back and pretty soon the whole thing resembles a ghost town complete with tumbleweeds. Not good.


The sites I had that were doing well also had some common attributes:

  • They had solid, well written content that provided some genuine value to the reader.
  • They had high quality, fast, secure servers.
  • They were built with content management systems that made them easy to update and to help attract search engine rankings.
  • But most of all, they were updated regularly with fresh, interesting content so the reader and the search engines had a reason to come back time after time.
  • The icing on the cake of the best sites that I had was that they had a simple way to collect email addresses so I could send out newsletters and updates when new content appeared.

Finally, the penny dropped and the first part of the puzzle was revealed!

All of those problems listed above boiled down to one main problem. There was no ongoing work being done on these sites which begs the question why? If people were going to the trouble of setting up a website and maybe even a mailing list, why weren’t they doing anything with it? It suddenly dawned on me that all this online marketing stuff was actually quite hard to do and very time consuming.

That makes it very, very easy to simply stop doing it when you hit the first hurdle and that’s what most people do.

So how do we fix this?

This is when the second piece of the puzzle became apparent with the help of my wonderful wife Helen (she’s the brains in our relationship!!!). While I was complaining to her one night that “no one puts the work into their sites that is needed” she said to me “You have to understand that most of that stuff is hard to do and a bit too technical for the average person. Why don’t we just do it for them?


That’s when the idea of came about. We realised after all this research that most people were already busy enough working on their business or their music or their art to ever get around to becoming a skilful online marketer. Then there’s the other aspect of how technical this stuff can be. If you aren’t doing it all the time then you simply aren’t going to be on top of it and your efforts will fade away to nothing.

So we’ve decided to set up a complete “Done For You” online marketing service that does all the tedious, technical and downright hard stuff for you to leave you free to get on with what you do best – your business.

We will setup your website and hosting, then do regular updates to not only the core software, but we will write regular content for you and add it to your site for you. We will contact you each month to co-ordinate what your marketing priorities are, then craft some well written and well presented content and add it to your site. No longer will you have to rack your brains to try and come up with content. We know most people find writing hard so we will simply do it for you. At the end of each month we will send you a simple report showing how much traffic you’ve had, where it came from and what they looked at, all done for you!

We will setup your email marketing lists, your email newsletter templates, write a series of auto-responder emails, and then write a regular newsletter to send out targeted news to your list, all done for you, every month. At the end of each campaign we’ll send you a full report on how the campaign did. How many opened it and how many clicked on your links. In short we won’t just send out email newsletters blindly and hope for the best, we will show you exactly what results we’ve achieved. We will then recommend strategies to improve the performance of subsequent campaigns, all done for you!

So what are we actually offering here?

This is a new business idea and we still need to do some research to see if this is a service that businesses actually want. In short, we need some “Beta-Testers” (as we call them in the software business) for our new service. That’s why we’ve asked you to take a look at it. We’d like to work with you over the next three months so we can hone our service until it suits what your business needs perfectly. We’d also like to be able to use your business in our Portfolio as an example of one of our success stories. That puts the pressure on us to ensure you actually become a success story.

The services we are offering.


  • Setup of a professional website including initial content.
  • Premium website hosting – your site won’t share a server with a million other sites.
  • A professionally built theme that not only looks great, but is built specifically to attract search engine traffic.
  • Monthly content updates so your site stays fresh and interesting to your readers.
  • A monthly report on your sites performance with recommendations for improvement.

Email Marketing.

  • Setup of your email marketing lists with a premium host.
  • Setup of an email template that is not only good looking but will pass all spam tests.
  • Segmenting of your lists.
  • The writing and sending of a monthly newsletter to promote your specials, events, new services etc.
  • A monthly report on your newsletters performance with recommendations for improvement.

What will we normally charge for this “Done For You” service?

You, as a Beta-Tester, will have access to a once only price that you can lock in for the long term which we will outline below in just a second but here’s what we’ll normally be charging those who don’t get in now.

Website Setup & Hosting.

  • Setup of a professional website including initial content: $700
  • Monthly premium web hosting  including daily backups and regular software updates: $40
  • Monthly content updates so your site stays fresh and interesting to your readers: $60

Email Marketing.

  • Setup of your email marketing lists with a premium host including custom email template & your first auto-responder sequence: $700
  • Monthly list hosting of up to 1000 subscribers: $40
  • The writing and sending of a monthly newsletter to promote your specials, events, new services etc. : $120

So what’s the bottom line for you?

The offer we are making on this page is by invitation only and there will only be 10 6 spots (4 are gone already!) available in total. The 10 Beta Testers will receive the following deal.

Website setup & Hosting.

  • Setup of a professional website including initial content: $700 Free
  • Monthly premium web hosting including daily backups and regular software updates: $40 50% off
  • Monthly content updates so your site stays fresh and interesting to your readers: $60 Free for three months then 50% off

Email Marketing.

  • Setup of your email marketing lists with a premium host including custom email template & your first auto-responder sequence: $700 Free
  • Monthly list hosting of up to 1000 subscribers: $40 50% off
  • The writing and sending of a monthly newsletter to promote your specials, events, new services etc.: $120 Free for three months then 50% off

That’s right, we are offering to do all the setup work and the first three months of ongoing work for absolutely nothing. All you will pay for is the costs for the hosting and we will give you 50% off that! In short, we are so confident you will see the long term benefit of having this work done for you that we will start for free. There’s no “gotcha’s” or up-sells to come later either. If you decide to continue using us after the first three months you will enjoy a permanent 50% discount on our services for life as a thank you for supporting us. If you decide not to use us to do your ongoing work after the first three months then we will simply hand it all over to you to maintain & the only cost will be for your hosting which will still be at 50% off normal prices.

As you can see we are pretty much “giving away the farm” here but that should tell you how serious we are and how confident we are that we can help you. We are very keen to test our business systems to make sure it’s exactly what people need and we’d love to have you listed as one of our success stories when we open to the public. Again, the offer we are making on this page is by invitation only and after the 10 spots are filled this service will never be offered again at this price.

So what do you need to do next?

Like I said earlier, there are only 6 spots left so if you’d like to take us up on this offer you will need to act fast. All you need to do to reserve a spot for yourself is to put your name & email address into the form below, verify your email, and we will be in touch with you very soon.

We would dearly love to work with you for the next three months, if you think this is something that might help you let us know now.

Thanks, Mark & Helen.

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