Building your Website

The Mock Up

The mock up we build will have all of the pages and sections that the finished site will have but with no styling. Typically we use fake text to fill the site out. The idea is just to get a feel for what pages are needed, the layout of the site and the navigation.

We build it online in a password protected area where we can strictly control who see's it. That way you can keep your eye on the progress but we can still keep it hidden from your audience until we choose to make it public.

Once the basic layout is settled on we start to fill it up with a small sample of realistic content and check that it still working well as a layout. During this period we will also be communicating with you to develop a colour scheme and a graphic design for the site.

The Design

We start with good functionality in all of our early processes as a good user experience is vital. The next step is to add elements of stylish design to the site in such a way that it doesn't take away any of that functionality.

If you don't have one already we help you build a Brand Kit so you can use consistent colours, fonts and logo's throughout all of your online and offline marketing efforts.

The Content


In the next phase of your site we double own on the content. We go through your content strategy and your goals and start to write valuable content for your readers. We don't palm this service off to "content factories", we write this ourselves with your guidance, to suit your audience. Not everyone is a good writer but it is critical that you talk to your audience in your own voice. We take your ideas and flesh them out into great content that we can promote over and over again.

Once the site has a good amount of real content in it, and a few in the bank for the future we launch it.

The Good Bit


Once we've launched, that's when the real work begins. We work on keeping your site up to date with fresh content. We start to analyse your traffic to see who is coming and which of our promotion channels is working and which aren't, same with your social media. We'll keep it regularly updated and watch what happens. This is very much a learning phase as we find out more about your existing customers and your prospective customers.

We will also be working on automating all sorts of things like your mailing list auto-responders and your social media updates. This gives us more time to spend on creating valuable content for your readers so they keep coming back.

When you're on a good thing, keep doing it!

Now that we've had a chance to work out the best ways of using your online presence to engage with your customers and prospects, we put into place a content maintenance plan to ensure you continue to receive your desired results. What we've built for you is a content marketing system or engine. Now we let it do its work!

Okay, all of that sounds great but what does it cost?

Because every business has different needs I can only give you a ballpark figure here, but as part of our Planning Service we will give you an exact figure to provide you with a complete turn-key solution, all done for you, with no nasty surprises. We also tell you up front what our ongoing content maintenance plans cost. Again, there are no surprises here.

The Build Process includes:

  • your website including the first batch of quality content built with a rock solid content management system.
  • an email capture system and mailing list hosting.
  • automation of your emailing and your social media updates.
  • your first three months of the content maintenance plan is included to get off to a strong start.
  • 12 months of website and email list hosting on premium, rock solid servers so when do see the traffic grow, your site will take it.

Most times we can build you a site like the one outlined above from scratch for between $3000 and $6000. If you already have a decent website on WordPress, it could be less.  Again, we will give you an exact price during the planning stage.

Now that we've taken the open-ended price problem away and given you strategy to take your business online the only thing left for you do is hit the button below to apply.

Are you ready to get started?