The Planning and Strategy Session

The Brief

The first step in the planning and strategy process is our detailed application which will help you to crystallise exactly what you are looking to achieve from your website. After we receive your application we look at your desired outcomes and determine whether they are broadly achievable. If your requests are realistic and achievable we will schedule a time to meet with you, either in person if you are reasonably local or via Skype so we can talk face to face about your needs.

The Audit

Our next step is an extensive audit of your current online assets like any existing website, your social media presence and your existing advertising channels. We then do the same for your competitors to see where they are doing well and not so well. During the audit we also search for similar businesses to yours that are doing well online to see what we can learn from them. We take all of that information and the goals you have set and we work out a strategy to go from where you are now to where you want to be.

The Investment

The Planning process costs $400 for which you will receive The Audit and Strategy document and a fully costed proposal on how we would implement it.  At that point you have two distinct choices:

  1. You can take the Plan provided and do the work to implement it yourself or
  2. You can have us go to work and simply do it all for you.

Are you ready to get started?